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Eleftheria Square

Screenshot 2023-04-14 113431.png

Location: Heraklion, Greece

Type: landscape, urban

Client: Municipality of Heraklion (single-stage ideas architectural competition)


Architecture: Thomaidou Despoina, Lazaridis G. Petros (studio AKIs),

3D visualisation: Papanikolaou Marios

Lighting design: Golsouzidou Maria

Traffic engineering: Laskaris Georgios

Year: 2022

This proposal seeks to reintroduce Eleftherias Square and its surroundings to the public, through the meticulous redesign and bioclimatic upgrade of the overall urban space. Particular interest is demonstrated towards sustainable mobility, as our approach focuses on delivering a gradual transformation from the current status to a pedestrian-centered environment. A radical reconfiguration of circulation hubs combined with the smooth levelling of all areas and an overall multiplication of absorbent surfaces and enhancement of trees and shrubbery, all aim to create a sustainable urban space, a place to gather, stroll, relax and incorporate culture.


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