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Mavili square


Title: floraLanes_

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

Type: landscape, urban

Client: EAXA SA (single-stage ideas architectural competition entitled“Thessaloniki x 4”)

Award: 1 out of 5 equal prizes

Team: Chatzimanoli Asimina, Lazaridis G. Petros (studio AKIs), Marantidou Alexandra

Year: 2012

Construction: 2020

The objective of the competition “Thessaloniki x 4” was to create a unified complex (urban blocks x 4) by addressing the open space within four urban blocks in order to enhance the public space and its microclimate. The site which is in close proximity to the historic centre of Thessaloniki, is situated in a dense area with small urban blocks, an extended road network and narrow sidewalks. Based on the site analysis, the four streets of the area are grouped into two similar groups, forming two continuous lanes that meet in the focal point of the square. Thus, two types of lanes are created: the upper one, characterized by a more green landscape (deciduous trees, extensive planting and self-binding gravel) and the lower one, dominated by evergreen trees and hard paving. Each lane is further divided into several lanes, corresponding to circulation, pedestrian rest stops and planting. The extensive use of softscapes can reduce high surface temperatures during the summer period, improving the microclimate. The existing streets are landscaped into streets of reduced traffic (woonerf type) using design as a tool in order to structure the circulation of vehicles and pedestrians and ensure traffic calming.

The concept was further developped, executed and completed by the municipality of Thessaloniki.

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